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What is a refuge? In a simple description a refuge is a safe place, a shelter from danger or hardship

Through the pain inflicted by this world, Kolping became my safe haven, it became my refuge, my source of happiness- it became the personification of bliss.

On the 5th Feb, we came here with different burdens, trials and tribulations but we all had our sight on two things – happiness and change.

Time became not only a mere name, a measurement or a period, it became a garden that needs love, undivided attention and daily work for it to grow and feed those in need.

During my time here, I saw a rose grow through the cracks of concrete, I saw a phoenix rise from the ashes but most importantly I saw a person smile.
Thuli, Malebo, Thando, Khulekani, Azola, Le Portia, Ntombi, Wanda, Portia, Dineo, Bafana, Gift, Shannon, Thabo, Tsholo, Boitumelo, Hope, Aunty B, Aunty U, Koketso and Given – no words could describe how much I am grateful for your presence.

The least I can do is use 2 words created by man to describe gratitude – Thank you!

Thank you for everything. I smile today because you are there. I stand today because you are the pillars that give me balance and direction when the world came crashing down on me and
I kneel to thank the Lord for all that you have been to me

Kolping you are my family.

Thank you



When I looked in the mirror,

I didn’t see much,

I saw a girl full of flaws, a girl that always sat at the back of the bus, hidden behind her long black hair.

A coloured girl too dark to be loved and too light to be successful.

A girl that lived in a “You have to know someone” kind of world.

A girl whose eyes tried to hide her soul and all her smile could do was help.

She hid a lot!

A girl who never saw colour but colour always saw her.



When I look in the mirror, I see her and her flaws, her tiger stripes and scars.

Her flaws are to be worshipped and her scars worn like flags,

She made it!

Look into her eyes and see her bruised soul,

She made it!

She is and will never be too dark or light, she is not perfect but she is enough!

She made it!

She lives in a colourless world and when you see her tears flow like rivers from an unknown source, just know it does not come from sadness, it is because……

She made it!

She is Shiny Sherry.

By Zain Lewis.

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