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Patrick Ramotebele

This is the story of my life
After finishing school I started working at the petrol station as a petrol attendant, I worked there for eighteen months, I didn’t like the job because I had to work during weekends and night shifts which I hated so much. I also hated working long hours because I didn’t have time to spend with my family. I decided to quit the job but I didn’t know what I was going to do next, but decided to quit anyway.
After quitting the job I lost some of my friends because I couldn’t afford to go out with them like we used to, so I made new friends who always had money to drink every day. Meeting them was the biggest mistake or let me say wrong choice because I moved out of home to go and live with them so that I can be next to the booze.
Two months later I got sick because of drinking too much, I moved back home and was taken care of by my family. After I recovered, I decided see my new friends on weekends and by doing that it almost got me in jail because of fighting at the Taverns.
That’s where I started to open my eyes and decided to go home and start my own business and my family loaned me some money. I did that and it was going so well so that I eased up on the drinking. One weekend I decided to visit my family and as we were sitting under the tree we had a lady visitor from Weltevredenpark, called Kate. She is one of our relatives, before she left she asked if I am working and I said no I am looking for a job. She asked for my cv and she told there is an NGO Kolping and they will call me for an interview in a few days, eish I got so excited! I decided to wait with my business and wait for that important call .
After a week I decided to go back home because there was no call, on my way back home I got that call from a lady called Beatrix from the Kolping Johannesburg. I didn’t care how many miles I was, I returned immediately because of the excitement that finally God has blessed me with a job!
I went to the Kolping House for an interview at the gate I saw a lot of people, I started having doubts because I thought I was the only one who is going to get that job, but I said to myself I am going to go in there and kill this interview and get that job.
Eish my name was called and I went in the lady started to explain what is going on, telling me about Education, Life skills etc., I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be there while she was busy explaining because I was looking for a job, in my mind there was this idea that I wanted a job, after she finished explaining it all made sense. I started looking at myself and said I have no skill, certificate nothing, I decided to give it a try
I stared worrying about whether I passed the interview or not. Towards the December holidays I got a call from aunty Bea and she told me that I passed the interview, I was so excited it was really a Christmas present.
I attended the WOP, that’s where I started realise that there are a lot of things that I can do and I was undermining myself, or should I say I didn’t believe in myself, I learned a lot about myself, I also learned that there are people out there who care and believe in other people. I became more and more interested in helping other people, I thank GOD for giving me the Kolping family because I was really lost and they brought happiness and joy in my life. I was given an opportunity by this Family to go and study anything I like. I decided to go and study the Health and Safety in the mining industry. I was well prepared from the WOP so I went there and I brought results. Three months after I got my certificate. I decided to go and visit Aunty Bea, when I got there she had told me she may have found a possible job. Went for the interview!
I started working for Ergo Mining from 2012 February up until now. All of this wasn’t easy but through discipline, perseverance and patience I was able to go forward and achieve. I carried what I learnt from the Kolping family to where I work. I even got another certificate as a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).
I would also like to thank Keneilwe (another Kolping member in Soweto) and her family for the support they gave me and may GOD richly bless them. I would like to thank Aunty Bea and her family for all the hard work they are doing to change a person’s life for the better.
I thank my family for all the support they have given me, I thank all Kolping members for the wonderful work they doing and special thanks to the KOLPING SOCIETY as a whole for making a great difference in our lives and thank you Adolf Kolping you have done it!

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