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WOP is a life changing experience! Little did I know that it would impact me so much, how I would change and how it would broaden my perspective on so many things. It was an opportunity to come together, interact with people from different backgrounds with similar yet different experiences, an opportunity to explore, understand and learn from.

My view on most things has changed tremendously. We came together with people, communicated and learnt about their daily challenges, giving you an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for the little that you have. It has changed my mentality and taught me not to act on impulse, and made me more humorous!  I have become less pessimistic and more thoughtful. I have learnt to solely focus on the good in every situation, no matter how far the bad outweighs the good.  I have become more empathetic and not to judge any situation, because it is only when you've experienced it then only you will understand why that specific decision was made.

It made me so self-aware! Some of which amazed me and most of them took me by surprise. Every day I prove to myself that I am worthy and that I am special, everyone matters and it is entirely dependent on you, as to what good you're going to use your "borrowed" time on this earth for.

Life is a gift, embrace it, and make the most of it. I’ve become so reliable on God and my faith for entirely everything, Nothing anybody says would ever steal away my pride and joy. I’ve learnt to enhance every opportunity and make the most of every blessing no matter how small. I’ve matured so much and I’ve learnt not to hold back.

I’ve chosen to be strong, I’ve chosen to fight every situation to the core of my ability , no matter how exhausting , those battles always comes as lessons and I take in each and every lesson and turn them into a blessing .

I learnt how to open up, let out and not hold back, it helped so much with overcoming extreme experiences, it helped me make peace with unforgettable and painful memories and forgive and move on. It allowed me to look at the bright side and always think positive I’ve come to terms with accepting the past and embracing the future, making peace with what once was and looking forward to what will be.

I’ve been taught that my imperfections are what makes me Unique. I’ve come to terms with understanding that you attract what you reflect and treat others how you would want to be treated. Most importantly I’ve learnt to never fight to fit in because I do believe that I was born to stand out.

After the 12 day Life skills life became so busy and exciting, everything just fell into place. I went onto pursue my chosen field of study, I volunteered at Liberty Life. I got to engage with people who had similar interests and gave me a clear perspective of what I aimed for.

I completed a 5 day accredited PA course sponsored by Kolping at Insimbi. I met amazing people who are professionals in my field of study and who gave me so much insight and advice. I then applied for a job at FNB and this was a success.

My life has changed so much ever since. I can do so much, not only for myself, but for everyone around me who needs a helping hand. I’ve learnt to give back, live in the moment and make every moment memorable.

I am completely grateful and willing to share what I’ve been taught with every young person.

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