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I was at Kolping February/March 2019

I thought I knew who I was, but thanks to the WOP programme and the lovely staff, I now know who I really am!

Kolping has not only taught me how to work through conflict with someone else, but also to love and respect myself.

I know how to approach anything with confidence.

Kolping has given me the chance to study further in the career that I love, to spread my love among others and to give inspiration. Since finishing with Kolping, opening up with others, understanding their cultures, likes, dislikes and ambitions has made my outlook on life so much better. I had the chance to study Sport Conditioning through Trifocus and can gladly say that I am more than competent in my career.

I have had the chance to work with multiple schools (De La Salle Holy Cross College, AISJ, Randburg Hoërskool, etc.) to train shot-put, discus and javelin as well as do proper conditioning and help out with netball in highschools.

My knowledge also made me realise that conditioning happens too late in a child's development and should start before the age of 6.

My boyfriend (Justin who was also a part of Kolping) and I decided that we should start a sport programme where we should involve kids from the ages of three and up to develop their hand-eye-coördination, foot-eye-coördination, balance, confidence and teamwork, strength and also how to be strong with individual sport. Our business is named "Active Xposure", and what we aim to do is give kids, ages 3-18 a chance to have an exposure to being active and developing talents.

Kolping has taught me numerous things, things that I will forever be grateful and thankful for.

-Danae Kloppers

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