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The experience I had during the WOP was so amazing. I can’t stop thanking God and Kolping for giving me the opportunity   - thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also appreciate the effort that our facilitators made, Aunty Bea, Aunty Ulrike, Koketso and Njabulo. I want to thank you guys what you did was very huge!

I acknowledge them empowering us to become better people. I learnt a lot during the WOP – to value our Life and have recognition and appreciation. The support our facilitators gave us was so outrageous – they were so patient and most of all - not judging. They guided us to identify who we are, what we want in life – because when I got to Kolping I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted – all I wanted was to just get a certificate and get a job! I realised there was more to life than that just a certificate. I feel so blessed.

They taught us how to self-reflect, to take time out and question ourselves as to what we want, search the meaning of our lives and what we want. The peer group discussions were so therapeutic, to have people listen to you, to be able to offload, to be able to trust again and not to be judged. They were like family!

Another topic which I loved and which had a huge impact on me – was career choices. I listened to you Aunty Bea, for the great advice. I was so confused, I wanted to do air-conditioning, not because I liked it, but because I saw many people in my community doing it. I soon realised I was being selfish to myself and not thinking about what makes me happy.

When I did my job shadowing at Olivedale hospital as a trainee chef, I was happy for a first time in a long time. I am so glad I followed my heart and what I really love and not because of the current trends of the community.

During the job shadowing at Olivedale hospital as a trainee chef, they gave me the biggest gift I could ask for. The manageress said that when I complete my studies, that I should consider coming back there for a job! They didn’t want to let me go.

Kolping paid for my basic and advanced cooking classes at Taste Buds. I was so happy – I’ve never had this opportunity in my life, being a mother, one often realises what you personally sacrifice. This was my time to shine.  When I started my course at Taste Buds – I was so determined to make a success and through this determination, the instructors must have seen my passion and offered me the opportunity to assist them at various functions. This has been a blessing as I further learnt to cook new special dishes and know for the first time, could start earing and saving money for myself.

Even at home I have spiced up things in the kitchen and my family can’t stop complimenting my food

Once I complete my cooking course I will see which offer I will take!

Thanks to Kolping, I wouldn’t have been here, if it wasn’t for them. They taught us how to set goals, to be three steps ahead and how to finance and by listening to the trend out there, I realised that having my drivers license would enhance my career too, so I am know saving up for that and again Kolping came to the rescue and assisted with paying for my learners.

Thank you Aunty Bea, for believing in me and for supporting me. I don’t know how to thank you! God Bless you    

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