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The Work Opportunity Programme (WOP) which was developed by KSA (Kolping South Africa) to address the serious problem of unemployment amongst the young people in South Africa, in which many school-leavers become increasingly demotivated and develop low self esteem, due to the fact that their attempts to enter the job market are unsuccessful.
WOP attempts to look at the “whole person” when addressing the issue of unemployment. It is a programme of empowerment and transformation and students are able to get in touch with who they are, where they come from and what their aspirations are.


  • To provide the participant with appropriate education and training, which help them to become responsible, self reliant and skilled individuals.
  • To in-still into the participants a sense of the ethics and spirituality of work so that not only is his/her own economic situation improved, but also that of the broader community.
  • To encourage the participates to assist other less fortunate than themselves in their community, once they have established their own position.

We select participants between the ages of 18 to 35 years, who are unemployed, financially unable to engage further studies, preferably completed Grade 9 and who have shown some attempt at finding work on their own. Learners are selected firstly through the recommendation and referrals from existing Kolping members. The learners will be encouraged to become a Kolping member and be a representative and a leading example in his/her community.

The programme has 5 phases

  • Phase 1: 12 day Accredited Life Skills course.
  • Phase 2: 1 day post - assessment feedback workshop on competency after completing the life skills course.
  • Phase 3: Job skills training with private or government institutions such as FET’s.
  • Phase 4: After- care and support through counselling and support groups.
  • Phase 5: Gainful employment.‚Äč


  1. Sponsorship – private or company
  2. Help Facilitate 12 day life skills training – even one day will help!
  3. Offer some form of a spiritual support during life skills training.
  4. Refer a learner to the programme and then contribute to the training.

We are all very excited with this project and we are proud that we can have the opportunity to be able to help those who really have no chance in bettering their education and so improving not only their lives but of those around them.

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